alison j cantrell
Editing + Proofreading


Story enthusiast. West Coast transplant. Word nerd.


A little about me . . . 

I grew up surrounded by stories. A native Southerner, I took advantage of the slow country days in Georgia by reading and escaping to the worlds of my favorite stories. When I wasn't buried in a book, my grandfather entertained me with his tall tales, regaling me with anything from folklore about shape-shifting cats to recountings of his mischievous school days to conspiracy theories about aliens. 

As I entered college, I furthered my love for the written word by pursuing a bachelor's degree in English. At this time, I also started working in my university's writing center, which ultimately set me on the path to editing. By helping students navigate the writing process, I realized I enjoyed both guiding these new writers in shaping their stories and having the opportunity to create a positive influence on their writing.

In 2016, I moved over 2,500 miles across the country to Portland, Oregon, to attend the graduate program in book publishing at Portland State University, and I graduated in December 2017 with a Master of Science in Writing/Book Publishing. While in the program, I had the honor of working with Ooligan Press on extensive editorial projects for four titles. 

Though I've trained hard to become the editor I am, I still get the same excitement from encountering new stories as I did in my childhood when I opened a book or heard one of my grandfather's yarns. But now, I can also focus on a piece of writing with a disciplined editorial eye and collaborate with the writer to realize their vision as well as the piece's full potential.

I'm now living in Vancouver, Washington, with my husband, a dachshund who has an abundance of kisses to give, and a cat with an abundance of snark. When I'm not editing, you can find me bingeing my favorite paranormal and true crime podcasts and working on my own book. 

* * *

For more background on my tutoring training and editorial philosophy, check out this post I wrote for the Ooligan Press blog.