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While working on staff at Ooligan Press, I took part in several editing projects, including developmental edits and copyedits on literary fiction and young adult fiction novels. Below is a sampling of the books in my editing portfolio.

I also have several book projects in the works, so keep an eye on this page for upcoming announcements.


sleeping in my jeans

Connie King Leonard
Release date:  November 13, 2018

Sleeping in My Jeans is a young adult thriller that follows sixteen-year-old Mattie as she finds herself unexpectedly homeless and living in the family car with her mother and young sister. When her mother suddenly goes missing, Mattie must figure out how to keep herself and her sister safe and find her mother before time runs out. 

For this book, I had the opportunity to perform a first-round developmental edit to prepare the manuscript for a pitch to the press. After it was accepted for publication, I worked as part of a team to provide chapter-by-chapter notes which were then used in the writing of a second-round developmental edit. Following developmental edits, I also took part in a round of heavy copyediting for this manuscript.



three sides water

Peter Donahue
Release date: May 1, 2018

Three Sides Water is a collection of three short novels, each set at a different time in the history of Washington's Olympic Peninsula. The first two novels are works of historical fiction—one following Marguerite as she deals with the aftermath of an assault in the midst of the spiritualism of the 1920s and the other following Avery as he navigates the tough terrain of a juvenile detention facility and the social tensions of the 1960s. The final story takes place in the present and follows Chris, a logger turned jazz singer, who must reconcile who he is with who his grandmother conditioned him to be. 

As with Sleeping in My Jeans, I performed first-round developmental edits on this book in order to prepare for pitching it to the press. After it was accepted for publication, I worked on a line-level edit and two rounds of copyediting. 


the ocean in my ears

Meagan Macvie
Release date: November 7, 2017

The Ocean in My Ears is a young adult fiction novel set in 1990s Alaska, where high school senior Meri is struggling to balance her friends and crushes, her religious family, and her desire to leave Soldotna for somewhere with more excitement. 

For this book, I joined the project after acquisition and developmental editing, so I participated in a medium copyedit 

Other book projects

At the Waterline

Brian K. Friesen
Release date: May 1, 2017

Type of editing: Ebook proofread

Ricochet River: 25th Anniversary Edition

Robin Cody
Release date: April 1, 2017

Type of editing: Proofread



Literary magazines

I have also worked with two literary magazines, both as a managing editor for a college arts magazine and as a managing editor and prose editor for an online journal.



I’m currently serving as president (and previously worked as a both a comanaging editor and prose editor) of VoiceCatcher, an online literary journal dedicated to representing the voices of female-identified and nonbinary writers in the greater Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington, areas. 

As a comanaging editor, I oversaw the editorial process of the journal, from receiving pieces through Submittable and assigning them to the editorial teams for evaluation to leading editorial meetings to select pieces for publication and assigning editors to work with authors on their edits and write feedback letters.

As part of a team of prose editors, I collaborated to select pieces for the Spring 2018 issue that best fit the journal's mission. From there, I worked specifically with two of the accepted authors on two rounds of editing, which included developmental edits and copyedits.


Sirocco: A Magazine of the Arts

I was also a literary editor for the Spring 2014 edition of Sirocco: A Magazine of the Arts, a publication of Georgia Southwestern State University that publishes works of prose, poetry, and visual art from students, faculty/staff, and alumni of the university. 

My role involved managing the production of the magazine, from overseeing magazine staff in the selection process for pieces to include in the issue to proofreading the final designed magazine before it was sent to print. 

Among my other duties were planning events to promote the magazine, including an open mic night and a release party; securing sponsorship to fund the prose, poetry, and art prizes; and putting together the editor's note and dedication.